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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Stories are a fantastic way to make people remember anything and that makes storytelling an art. We have been using this art as an oral tradition from the very beginning of our civilization. Much popular folklore has taught us about bravery, chivalry, morality and the power of goodness by means of beautiful stories. We humans have this psychology that anything which activates or pleases our senses, stands out as more reliable and credible, so why not adapt this method of storytelling to market our brand!

Now the question arises- why video is best for storytelling? As convention, can’t we just transcribe about the product, service and business etc. This is a big NO - NO and out of fashion today because people get bored and annoyed very quickly with written content and all that professional terms in it , readers will scan half a page looking for a problem to solve, or read reviews for a product to buy and give up. With video content, you have even less time to hook the viewer and it has the capacity to captivate the attention of the viewer from the very beginning, ultimately resulting in call for action. It is a mighty way to form connections with audience by designing buyer’s persona.

Humans crave for felicity and pleasure and yearn for fleeting moments which help us to grow beyond our 3D bio-printed skin. Stories, TV dramas and documentaries are being loved by a heck of people and they don’t mind spending billions of dollars or spending their precious time because the stories seizes their heed or attention. So, the golden rule is not to boast about your product but boil & cater a story, and tailor it to make an impact on your target audience. There are not any paradigms of story available but the classical three acts play works pretty well of “What”, “How” and “Why”. A Video production company should try to humanize its message. Also consumers hinge their decisions on emotions, so to balance emotion with information is imperative. It is in our DNA that we get bored very quickly which is a real bummer so in order to hook the target audience it is crucial to make short videos(in duration) which is informative and engaging at the same time.

More than 70% people actively look for a video before purchasing a stuff or enrolling a service for themselves. Also invoking emotions and telling tales increase the sales instantly. If people can relate themselves to the character of the video, it automatically boosts online visibility. Researchers have found that presentations with words and images are 50% more potent when words are communicated verbally rather than visually (Dual Channel Hypothesis).

Some of the creative advantages of brand videos are:

  • Storytelling through videos has a plus point as it can intensify the messages through live action and animation etc.

  • Music, tone and voice over can increase audience’s emotional response and it gives a certain credibility as it pleases and activates our senses

  • Pace and nature of storytelling should be controlled.

  • Colors also play a vital role in this. If a video production company wants to display health, beauty and security they will try to incorporate cool colors like blue, green and purple as these are very soothing and calm colors. On the other hand warm colors like red and yellow are used to increase appetite as is incorporated by fast food companies such as KFC and MacDonald’s.

Strengths of video telling:

  • Attracts public and shareable

  • Viewers take action- subscribe to newsletters, visit online shops etc.

  • Visual and verbal learning

  • Creating identity

  • Bounce drop rates

  • If your videos are loved by people search engines will love them more.

  • Effective ROI

Video plays a cardinal role in today’s competitive era. Suffice to say, it is an instrument to take people on a journey. Ample number of millennial sign in and binge watch on YouTube every now and then. As marketers we are in love with this data, but the debatable question is -How a video can be produced that it will get observed, watched and is acted upon by people, where every minute a huge number of video contents are being produced by video production companies. Once you answer these questions it would act as a magic bullet for all the complexities faced by video production companies.

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