“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."

What is this quote doing here?

Well, our team proposed and we love it. To add relevance to the sharing of the quote above, most of our creative project looks like teamwork and out of the box thinking. There are always surprises and that’s what makes our team so special. We love surprises! 

Now Talking Business

We are on to a mission to “Help organizations become a better brand by curating meaningful visual stories”.

As smart one says, “a plan is only as good as its execution”.

At Dramantram, we have laid down five philosophies that act as a guiding tool for our people, processes, and deliverables for every stage of our interactions and project executions. These philosophies are -









(Goal 4 & 8)

We also call these 5 philosophies our lenses. All our deliverables are scanned through these lenses.

In today’s world, where almost every content qualifies be put online and once online, the content has to compete with the best, say that of Google, Amazon, Apple, and many more unicorns. For content consumers to take a notice of one’s brand, digital content quality, the visual appeal must be a good start point. Being a creative agency, we understand this truth and we give our best to match Global standards.  

Team Dramantram

It’s not how happy we look, but what we do that defines us. From our Batman Fan

Along with relentless passive support from chai, our desi Avengers have empowered multiple startups and enterprises around the world with our services, SINCE 2015.

Kundan Kumar

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Co-Founder & Anti-CEO

Ankit Raj

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Communication Strategist

LK Shashi

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Co-Founder & CTO

Rupam Biswas

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Creative Head

Harsh Garg

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Lead - Graphic Designer

Harsh Bansal

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Head Visual Media

Neeti Rawat

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Graphic Designer

Mehul Tyagi

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Lead - Graphic and Animation

Lalit Tyagi

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Lead - Graphic and Animation

Tanishtha Katta

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Graphic & Animation

Ruchi Jaju

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Strategic Planning Consultant (Luxembourg)


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Graphic Designer

Shivam Sharma

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Designer - Graphics and Animation

Why Dramantram (Dramantram Advantages)

  • We strive for excellence in visual storytelling at Global standards.

  • Our creative team works toward a Business goal solution.

  • Agile and Commitment oriented services

  • Structured process steps with Agile project management: Diagnose, Design, Develop, and Deploy.

  • Human-centric culture and communication for better co-created outputs.

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