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Live Action is all about Real people, their emotion and camera motion. Say Cheese!

When we talk of an something that exists and works, nothing is more convincing than a live action video.

Types of Live Action Videos

Design Showreel

A short, quick and interesting snippet of some of our best projects.


3D's of Our Live Action Process & Deliverables


Business Goal

Video Platform and Formats

Campaign Behavior Analysis

Brainstorming & Concept

Scripting & Script Approval



Screenplay Changes & Approval

Production Team Alignment

Location Recce & Approval

Actor Audition/Selection


Film Shoot

Editing & VFX

Voice Recording & Sound Design

Draft Video

Draft Corrections & Approval

Final Delivery & Project Closure

Service Feedback

Business use of Live Action Video


Ad Film

Need a bigger audience to announce something big….wait, something very big, Ad films are the best! It’s short yet filled with power punches! Smashhhhh!!

Best Suited for :

  • Reaching out to large audience in a very short span of time

  • Creating emotional connect to large base

  • Creating a biggg buzz

  • Already has a very big customer base


Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are a fun way to visually showcase your company profile along with product, services to raise awareness of a company's brand. Corporate video refers to any non-advertisement, internal core process based video content created for a business, company, or organization.

Best Suited for :

  • Showcase company profile

  • Raise brand awareness

  • Company working processes

  • Investor relations and shareholder videos

  • Market updates

  • Showcasing executive proposal videos, and

  • Cover customer testimonial.



Watching a real person telling a real story is really believable. Video testimonials are more human and real, and they actually create a connection.

Best Suited for :

  • Customer or client praising a company

  • Showcase how a product or service helped solve a problem

  • In person user review

  • Social proof of a happy customer


Event Video

Events are magical moments! capturing an event ensures longevity of event life and also extend of reach. The event videos are great memory triggers and social proof to create a buzz and dynamic content to distribute before the next one.

Best Suited for :

  • Reaching to people who couldn’t attain the event

  • Grab customer’s attention before the next event

  • Increase customer conversion for event companies

  • Keeping a preview or for archival.