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Invest India

"Invest India" Magazine Design

Invest India is the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of India and promotes new partnerships via sector-specific investments.

It acts as the first point of reference for investors in India.



Invest India


Quarterly Magazine Design




Since October 2018


Being a catalyst in bringing radical change in country’s investment climate, Invest India wanted to give a refreshing look to its magazine design.


As magazines are the first impressions that strategically cues one’s work stories and achievements, Invest India wanted to rebrand it in a style that subtly balances its professional and cosmopolitan side.


Dramantram mirrored the aura of their vision while breathing life to their magazine, giving it an edge over others in the same genre.

Steps Taken

Based on the client’s preferences and requirements and our understanding of their target audience, we defined personas for which Invest India magazine that served their needs.

Then a prototype of Invest India was being created imparting us a better understanding of its red and green flags in terms design layouts and colors. We chose Serif font to impart more legibility in smaller font sizes as well.

The resultant output that you see now is the fusion of an elegant formal and warm look.

All these attributes make the magazine stand out from others while making it look neat, crisp and appealing to the global audience.


Background Research

Vision, Mission & Goals

Market Landscape

Target Audience


Brand Archetype

Brand Promise & Personality

USPs & Value Proposition

Brand Voice & Messaging


Quality Check

Feedback & Iterations

HD Files In All Formats

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