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10 Ways How Animated Videos Can Drive Leads And Conversions

As business developers constantly look for successful marketing ideas, video marketing has proven to be the most successful in today’s time. With the decreasing attention span of today’s generation, one needs to find ways to hold people’s attention. Video marketing is the new trend that has proven to be successful in gathering people’s attention.

So, what makes videos so successful? Any video style for that matter contains the ability of story-telling – to be able to evoke emotions and establish relationships. Moreover, they are all about showing and not telling. In this case, animated videos play a big role.

Those websites that have animated videos on their landing page have made the customer spend more time on the website than just text and graphics.

Here are 10 ways how animated videos have the potential to drive leads and conversions:

They Are Explanatory

Short promotional videos explaining the benefits of a product or service are quite useful for customers. Explanatory videos could also include information on how a product can be used, its versatility, and how various people use it. Animated videos make a complicated concept look easy. Imagine assembling a furniture piece by looking at pictures only and then comparing it with an animated video of the furniture being assembled. Animations make a complicated task seem easy and doable. Customers who visit the website are more likely to buy a product if they watch a video about it. These videos can be made using a simple humorous tone to make the video fun to watch and easy to understand.

They Provide Easy Learning

A great tutorial goes a long way. A how-to video or a tutorial is the easiest way of driving leads and conversions. Since these videos teach something, and the consumer ends up learning something, its usefulness increases. An animated tutorial is so simple to understand that any concept can be explained through it. Animated videos also have a human touch and hence this generates a strong connection and empathy, which makes relatability easier. The tutorial does not have to necessarily sell a product. It can simply offer customers a learning opportunity. Animated video walkthroughs also allow new customers to get acquainted with the brand’s product and shows them what the website has to offer. This makes a new customer become a dedicated one, making them a strong lead.

They Boost Your Sales

As compared to TV ads, online video ads are said to be a more powerful driver of leads. Most of the customers nowadays are mobile users and 90% of them watch videos on their mobiles. The perfect pitch time, brand awareness, brand love and online visibility come together for the main purpose of any business – sales. Animated videos boost lead generation immensely and most of them end up getting converted which makes it a good marketing strategy. Since animated characters look like humans, they can be made to behave like the target audience, adhering to their problems and giving them a solution. This makes the target audience become emotionally closer to your product and this helps in increasing the sales.

Increase Online Visibility

When a brand has an animated video on its website, it means customers spend more time on the website watching it. This fulfils one of the major benefits of video marketing which is getting online visibility. Animated videos with real-life characters in them can be made to look funny and memorable. For example, Vodafone created ZooZoo characters and their animated videos market their services by using humour, a story, or an abstract idea. Such animated videos shared over social media and on website landing pages increase the online visibility of the brand.

Helps Building Trust

Trust is the most important tool in conversion and sales. If customers don’t trust your brand, why would they even buy your product? Animated videos spark interest and ignite emotions among the customers. Effective marketing videos that are relatable, helpful and engage a customer builds trust among them.

They Engage - Even The Lazy Ones

There exist customers who are lazy. But animated videos are so catchy and visually appealing that they have the potential to engage even the laziest of the customers. Since it requires very little effort to simply watch a video, many lazy customers end up watching videos. Animated videos are a powerful style of video making. It leaves a customer in a feel-good frame, driving more conversions.

They Are Shareable!

Animated videos have cartoon characters and they bring good memories and are hence nostalgic for many. With the strong presence of social media, videos garner even more views if they are promoted on social media. For a video to be attractive and hold the attention of a customer, it must tell a story that creates an emotional connection with the customer. Animated videos have that storytelling ability. Social shares hence increase traffic on the website, garnering more leads.

Provide A Definite CTA

Directly or indirectly, an animated video tells a story, but at the end, there is definitely a call to action. After watching an animated video, it would be clear to the customer what to do next. They could share the video, they would keep in mind the message the video delivered about the product, they would also make a purchase once their mind is made up. Animated videos make complex things easy to understand and that makes a clear call to action at the end.

Easy On Your Pockets

Unlike other video making techniques, animated videos do not require real people to be filmed, heavy and expensive camera equipment, studio lights, space among many other things required to create a good marketing video. An animator can simply create a good video in a matter of a few hours with just a laptop and a few software and tools. It has now become even easier since easier video-making applications are coming out that allow anyone to easily create an animated video. It is important to deliver the right message; the quality does not matter as much to engage a customer. This reduces costs in video marketing and it also allows ample room to experiment which leads to making even better-animated videos capable of driving leads and conversions.

They Boost Your SEO

When there is an animated video on the website, it increases the online visibility of the website as discussed above. When customers stay longer on the website, Google notices, hence website rank increases and with the right keywords, it starts appearing in the searches as well. Along with this, it is also important to optimize videos on YouTube for SEO by writing good titles and descriptions. When the SEO of any website is good, the reach increases organically. This makes people see the website more often in their searches and since it is visible to them in the first go, it makes them trust the website more.

It is important to use video marketing techniques in today’s time if a brand is looking to increase its reach. Not only are they fun to look at, but they are also quite fun to make. With the right creativity, a good story, and the right pitch, one can easily make a good animated video.

If you own a business and looking for creating a good animated video for various purposes – be it marketing, tutorial, webinar, testimonial, give Dramantram’s services a try.

**Dramantram (Pronounced as Dra-Mann-Tram) is a video production, communication design, digital marketing, and concept photography company that takes a human-centred, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. Our flexible approach works in tandem with creativity and innovation.

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