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5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement of Your Business

In this booming Internet age, social media has gained immense popularity ever since the internet became easily accessible. This has boosted social media presence so much that now almost everyone is using social media. It is about time that companies realize the huge potential social media has. If executed properly, Social Media Marketing (SMM) can skyrocket leads and conversions, boosting the sales funnel of any business. One very important aspect of SMM is social media engagement. If that is done right, it leads to successful marketing.

Here are 5 ways that would help to increase the social media engagement of any business:

Content Is The King

In the context of Social Media, content is anything that is posted or shared online with people. With the rise of social media, it is also referred to as social content. For any business or an individual, social content should be:

Engaging – Content that is conversational and inclusive encourages the participation of people.

Relevant/Relatable – Social content must be relevant to the product and the audience a company has. This makes a user feel closer to the product as it is relatable.

Witty – Using light and humorous tone is a great way to engage the audience as it is entertaining.

Positive – Positive and light-hearted content on any trending issue or viral trends helps companies stay in trending eyes.

Short and Crisp – People tend to like content that does not take a lot of time to read.

Consistent – Regularity is important to mark social media presence. Social media algorithms also work around content that is regularly posted so that it appears more frequently in people’s feeds.

Reposted – Good content that is relevant to your business is available on the internet and it is good to repost it. Reposting gets everyone’s work recognized and has proved to go viral at times. So, more people end up looking at the content. The first priority should be to create good content and then share other good content as well.

Exclusive – Content that is thought-provoking and different paves its own path and sets itself apart from competitors.

Explore The Features Available

Technology is always evolving and social media networking companies stay in sync with these evolutions. Hence, a company must stay updated about all the social media features each networking site offers and try to use them to the best of its ability. This includes not just creating a post but uploading stories, adding locations, using hashtags, going live and reposting. This helps to mark a company’s virtual presence in all forms and caters to various likes of the huge audience.


Influencer marketing is a thing. The first and foremost step in this regard is to select influencers who have a similar audience to the kind of product or service your company offers. For example, cosmetic companies collaborate with make-up artists, restaurants collaborate with chefs, travel companies collaborate with Instagram travel influencers, and so on. Since influencers have a dedicated fan following who are willing to follow their advice, it is always beneficial to collaborate with them. The company’s audience gets excited to use celebrity merchandise or the company product they endorse and the influencer’s audience gets to learn about the company. This way, both the company and the influencer attract each other’s audience and it immensely boosts their social media engagements. For example, recently Daniel Wellington took Indian influencers to Paris on a new product launch. For two whole days, the influencers ended up creating and promoting content for them and this gave the company a trending buzz and photo ops for their websites and social media pages.

Collaborations with regular crowds or non-celebrity crowds are also very successful as they make the audience feel that the product is thoughtfully created for anyone and everyone. For example, Dove runs amazing all-inclusive campaigns that inspire people to share about them. They tell real-life stories, make people feel that the product can be used by all skin types, and their positive tagline “Beauty is for everyone” is quite powerful in this regard.


Giveaways are just like lucky draws; the only difference is that they are done online. People participate in giveaways that too in huge numbers as it is effortless and if they get lucky, they could win their favourite product. If companies do giveaways in collaboration with other brands or influencers, it creates even more buzz, making more people land on their company’s social media page. It gets exciting because everyone likes to enter in hopes of getting a free gift and also in hopes of being able to enter future giveaways if they don’t win in the previous ones. A company should also ensure that the giveaway is genuine by posting about the winner and mentioning them. This marks a company’s credibility and ensures trust within the audience.

Create Content With A Holistic Approach

Factual information is quite important. If you are a company that sells skincare products, then, educating your audience about skincare, various vitamins, beauty oils, and other relevant facts are important. This will increase your company’s value as you would be going beyond your product by putting in an effort to enlighten your audience with facts they should know about. Showing the behind-the-scenes process of how your product is being made also adds credibility to your products. All of these extra efforts go a long way. If any social media page teaches the audience something along with offering their services or products, that gives a sense of being understood. This adds a personal touch to the business than a corporate one and it makes your brand more authentic. People want to know more and providing more simply adds value to your company which eventually increases social media engagement naturally.

And, Be On Your Toes With A Response Team

People get curious and they will ask questions. Giving them a quick and good response is also important, especially in the case of queries. Many a time, these queries won’t be simple ones, so for them, a company should have a dedicated response team. The team must research all the possible FAQs and write their answers well ahead of time with proper links and detailed guidance. So, when a person asks a question, the answer can be easily reframed and personalized without missing the information you want to convey. The answer should be technical when it has to be, giving useful and practical responses to boost engagement enormously. It makes the audience feel valued and creates a good impression of the company on them. Some people also try to spread negativity when they comment on a post, the response team could deal with these comments by answering them wittily, promoting a positive atmosphere that everyone likes.

Social media engagement consists of views, likes, comments, and shares. With the above-mentioned tips, one can easily kickstart their social media presence by increasing their engagement.

To help you with your company’s social media engagement, Dramantram offers a wide range of services under Social Media Marketing that you can check out.

**Dramantram (Pronounced as Dra-Mann-Tram) is a video production, communication design, digital marketing, and concept photography company that takes a human-centred, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. Our flexible approach works in tandem with creativity and innovation.

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