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Customer Testimonials That Generate More Leads

Once a brand gains recognition and awareness, regular customers’ reviews and testimonials can become an important asset to the brand.

Imagine having customers who give more customers, that’s terrific! One can generate leads by using these testimonials effectively. How does that happen? Customers who shop online trust these reviews as much as a word of mouth or a friend’s recommendation. Customer reviews also show the most popular products, product usage, and real-life experiences of people with the product or service.

Most importantly, it gives credibility to the brand. So, how does one use these customer testimonials to generate more leads? Read below:

Customer Testimonial Videos

It is an established fact that video marketing is the most effective marketing technique since it engages people so much. A testimonial shot on video will create a much better impact than a written testimonial. Videos are always effective as they are more convincing.

Put testimonials on all pages of the website

Of course, they must be placed strategically without interrupting the layout of the website content. Having testimonials on the homepage gives the impression that real people have used the product and liked it. It is psychologically moving. Having a separate testimonials page is also crucial. All information in the form of testimonials must be presented here in a categorized manner.

Share testimonials on social media and e-mails

Testimonials include people’s reviews, pictures of events, posts, road show videos and other relevant content which would seem great if put on social media. Providing links to testimonials on the email creates a lot of impact in direct marketing. It increases shareability that allows more visibility.

Link it to a real person

To show that a review or testimonial is not fake, it is always better to link it to a real person or put a face on it. This is very helpful in building trust in a potential customer. Not only does it link to a real person who can vouch for their testimonial but creates credibility too which goes a long way

Testimonials next to calls to action

Be it an e-mail, signing up, downloading content, purchasing, exploring the blog, searching the website, or placing testimonials there can clear up any final doubts of the customer, strengthening their trust even further.

One must select the best testimonials

Unlike customer reviews which can be negative or positive, one can choose which testimonial to use. To get good testimonials, one must connect to their best customers and follow up with recent customers. Asking them the right questions is important to create good testimonials.

Testimonials boost SEO

By having testimonials, a brand is being described by customers in various ways. As each customer describes the services in their own way, more keywords are generated. These user-generated long-tail keywords help boost one’s SEO efforts and increase their ranking on SERPs, allowing the website to be more visible.

Often, user-generated content becomes a gold mine for a brand. With more people knowing about the brand and engaging and developing trust with the brand, testimonials become all the more important. Not only do they help in direct marketing but increase leads variably.

If you are looking to create testimonial videos for your website, content and videos designed by creative professionals who not only create good content but also help you to boost them on social media as well, then look no further.

**Dramantram (Pronounced as Dra-Mann-Tram) is a video production, communication design, digital marketing, and concept photography company that takes a human-centred, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. Our flexible approach works in tandem with creativity and innovation.

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