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Video Thumbnails and their Significance in Video Marketing

It takes one-tenth of a second to form an impression. These first few seconds can influence our decision on who to hire, love and trust. That is why making a good first impression is so important whether it is a business or an interpersonal setting. Video is dominating the content marketing landscape these days. With an average of one-third of online activity spent on video, it is no surprise to anyone that video marketing is one of the biggest channels of distribution for content marketers. 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds as it is a powerful way of engaging and growing your audience. But out of those many numbers of videos available online, what makes it worthy enough so that people get compelled to watch it?

The answer is a Video thumbnail.

It can be a small image or video that exemplifies the larger content of the video. The more eye-catchy, compelling or visually striking they are, the higher is the chance of the video getting clicked.

It is an excellent way to grab the attention of the viewers whether your platform is YouTube, Facebook or even Instagram, let’s see how...

Thumbnails act as a conversion machine

When we search video for any service or product, the first thing that came to our notice is obviously the thumbnail. That small picture will help our mind to decide if we want to give it a watch or not. Human beings have a very short attention span, so marketers have less than 10 seconds to hook their target audience, in that case, a good and attractive thumbnail can dramatically boost conversions.

Spreads your content through thumbnail

Thumbnails act as mini posters that speak about your content or emote the true essence of your content. It helps as a deciding factor for the audience whether the video has the relevant content they are looking for or not. So, it plays an integral role in driving leads.

Increases interaction

Including a human face in the thumbnail or videos that really hits the chord can make people feel more connected with the video and hence increase interactivity as it proves to be more influential and shareable.

Portrays your skills

A thumbnail is a platform where one can portray their creative skills through designs or imagery to tingle the curiosity of viewers and compel them to watch the full video. Hence, attracting the viewers by showcasing the potential of one’s service or product.

User Friendly

Thumbnail is viewable and user-friendly for mobiles and other platforms like websites as well as shows a lot of information conclusively. Hence, it plays an integral role in video marketing.

Amazing right?

Now when you know the potential benefits of using click worthy thumbnails, let’s spill some beans as to how to create that said magic in your thumbnail:

- It should be understandable and viewable. Choose images for your thumbnail that are clear even if they are in the cropped size.

- Choose colours strategically in your thumbnails. One way to do this is by using bright backgrounds so the colours pop, and the thumbnail stands out.

- As thumbnail is the snippet of the whole video, adding some text in it complements the content but make sure that too much text is not added in it as that would not be viewable and instead will give it a messy look.

- Adding a brand in your thumbnails will help your target audience and your loyal viewers to easily find you.

All in all, incorporating an effective thumbnail has a far-reaching effect on videos, creating that first impression while boosting visibility.

So, if you are looking to create impactful videos for your service, let Dramantram create your videos with striking thumbnails and spread your word across your target audience. You can check our work here.

**Dramantram (Pronounced as Dra-Mann-Tram) is a video production, communication design, digital marketing, and concept photography company that takes a human-centred, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. Our flexible approach works in tandem with creativity and innovation.

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