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How to Turn Your Customers into Promoters?

“Customer is the king” goes the saying and it couldn’t be any truer. Customers mark the success or the failure of a brand. With most businesses focusing on their sales funnel, what happens to a customer after the purchase is often neglected. While marketing a product, one tries to connect with the customer, but companies need to understand that the goal of marketing is not just boosting sales. Once the connection is created, it is equally important to maintain that connection.


Not the one with the ring; but the commitment that it comes with is sort of similar. Have you ever read the backside of a shampoo bottle? There is always a number, e-mail and postal address mentioned on it, in case one has any queries. Who would call a shampoo company anyway? But guess what! Some do. Even if 99% of people don’t have any queries, the fact that the shampoo company can be reached out to is effective enough to create the impression that they care about their customers. Interaction with customers is important. With the internet age, it has become much easier to be able to do that. It makes a customer feel valued, it humanizes a brand and makes people love the brand.

Along with that, producing high-quality content that actually speaks out to people – where they learn something which adds value to their life also creates a positive impact on customers. This may lead them to share that content with their friends and family on their social networking sites. The content should be in diversified form – text, videos, infographics, and articles. This diversification allows companies to cater to all sorts of audiences. Your website should also be interactive. It is important to analyze what a customer’s point of view would be while using the website. This allows the company to include all possible information that a customer would look for. This makes the website more interactive as the customer keeps reading and learning more about what they want to. This builds a relationship since such interaction makes a customer feel understood. This, in turn, leads to customers talking more about your brand on their social media, in real life and it will reflect ahead since it goes beyond sales.

A Loyalty Program!

There are many stores that have now started offering their own cards. Customers get points after purchase, often along with a discount. This is merely one example of how loyalty programs work. While regular customers who love a product do not need extra incentives to buy that product. But, making them feel like they are getting the product at a good value paves the way towards attaining a loyal customer. Everyone loves saving as it gives one a winning feeling. Customers are more likely to share such discount stories with their friends and family to let them know how satisfied they are with their purchase. When other people try it out, the cycle repeats. Hence, loyalty programs are a great way of making customers happily satisfied with their purchases and turning them into promoters at the same time.

Excellent Customer Service

After a product has been purchased, or service availed, customers, require assistance from time to time. This is why a company’s work should not end at sales but it should extend beyond that. Providing good customer service that handles grievances, queries, questions, and provides practical solutions to particular problems is very important. Making a customer feel important and respected goes a very long way. Since customers spend their time and money on the company’s products, they definitely deserve to get something extra from you.

Customers are more likely to promote a company that provides value for money instead of a company whose customer care call does not even go through. A company must always aim to go beyond their services, do that extra part to make sure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase. So, genuinely talking to the customers, messaging them personally to inform them about new deals and handling complaints the right way makes for excellent customer service. Such service speaks for itself and makes a customer a promoter right away as they like to tell how satisfied they are with a particular company’s service.

There are many other ways to turn your customers into promoters, but we are not writing a book here. These top three tips will help you kickstart your understanding of customers and how they must be treated like royalty in order to be a successful business in this competitive world.


At Dramantram, we understand what it means to understand and satisfy customer needs. We have worked with clients catering to varying audiences hence our professionals are able to cater to any kind of audience. Choose from our various marketing strategies!

**Dramantram (Pronounced as Dra-Mann-Tram) is a video production, communication design, digital marketing, and concept photography company that takes a human-centred, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. Our flexible approach works in tandem with creativity and innovation.

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