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How To Write An Effective Video Marketing Script?

When we read the word script – a play or a movie comes to our mind. It is usually assumed that a script contains the dialogues and the storyline but that is not entirely true. According to WikiHow, a script outlines all the elements of a movie – audio, visual, behaviour and dialogue. Just like movies and TV are audiovisual mediums, so are videos. With the success of video marketing in today’s time, more and more companies are getting marketing videos created. For any video to be made, a script must be written and that task falls into the hands of a copywriter. This means the script has to be written in a way that takes into consideration the visual and auditory aspects of a story, so the writing must focus on pictures and sounds too. Hence, scriptwriting is quite different from blog writing. One cannot be expected to write a good script in one go, but one can always learn how to write an effective video marketing script by reading further:

Start with an elaborated brief:

Whenever a marketing video needs to be made, the client always gives a brief. But here we are talking about the brief a copywriter must make themselves that outlines what all is to be included in the video. This brief includes what the client wants, the idea and story behind the video, understanding the audience of the video, what would viewers learn from it and a call to action. This helps in answering a lot of questions, making any changes the client or the team wants and then beginning to write the script. Instead of writing the whole script in one go and then having to make changes, the writer is able to finalize everything and then write the script. It saves time and unnecessary effort in making a thousand changes now and then.

Focus on engaging the audience:

Hooking the audience by telling them what they are in for when they watch a video is important just like written content. Since there are a lot of videos on any given topic, what sets a good video apart is how engaging a viewer feels when they watch it. If the video script is not engaging enough, the viewers might bounce to other videos.

The script must be conversational:

While writing a script, a writer must always write it as the subject who is going to speak. If the script is being written for an animated video, it should include all the details like characters, their actions, the dialogues that they would speak, or the dialogues that will come up on the screen. Even the abstract ideas must be scripted. The script must be so thorough that the videographer, the client and animators are able to understand it easily. Along with this, one must also set a specific tone to their conversational script based on the kind of audience for whom the video is being made.

Give out 'very' clear cues:

When the video is transitioning from one scene to the other, i.e. from a person speaking to zooming in on a product, all of this must be mentioned in the script. What will happen in the background, the kind of music the video will begin with or no music at all, all of these cues must be clear to anyone who reads it. It is also important to mention what text would go on the screen, what needs to be highlighted, by making that line in bold or marking it with a different colour. This makes the script super easy for the videographers and animators to understand the concept behind it.

Read your script - aloud! :

Sometimes the words we write on paper just don’t seem to sound nice when said aloud. The reading aloud part helps with that. You can ask people to listen to your script and they can offer their insights and help you choose the correct word or offer a perspective to make the script sound better. Editing never stops, so keep editing the script after reading it out loud. This will definitely help the script become more conversational.

Give out your message through storytelling:

Most videos show a problem, give a solution, explain how it works and give a call to action, which becomes monotonous to watch. A company does not only stand for its product or service but for the values they have, their success in the world, how they treat their employees, and much more. It is easy to create stories out of instances, but to be able to deliver a message in the form of stories will help your audience understand what your company offers and what it can do for them.

Finish off by adding an effective 'Call To Action' :

After watching the video, you want your audience to take some action. This will only happen when the script is engaging and compelling enough. The call to action must be clear, concise and direct. When the audience will know what to do after watching a video – be it going to the website, downloading an app, ordering online or making a purchase, it will result in more conversions.

This is just the beginning of the struggle because a script undergoes a lot of changes since it doesn’t involve just one person in it. Of course, with practice, one would become better at writing effective video scripts.

However, if you are a company that wants to create a marketing video, we have a team that will not only work on writing a good script but gives you a complete video with digital marketing solutions. We are quite easy to reach, just drop a mail at:

**Dramantram (Pronounced as Dra-Mann-Tram) is a video production, communication design, digital marketing, and concept photography company that takes a human-centred, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. Our flexible approach works in tandem with creativity and innovation.

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