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10 Ways to Use Video Marketing to increase Customer Loyalty

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Customer loyalty is not just developed overnight or by successful sales of a product. A better competitor may come anytime and take it all away. So, what makes a customer loyal? Trust is the base of all loyal relationships and the same goes for customer loyalty towards a brand. How do we develop that trust? Our answer may lie in video marketing.

Here’s how.

To deal with anything related to customers, one first needs to understand consumer behavior. Today’s customer spends more time on-screen than off-screen and marketing agencies are taking note of that. One may see posters, billboard advertisements that are for the masses but how does one personalize marketing for a target audience? Four times as many customers would prefer to watch a product video than read a product description. Why? Simply because it requires less effort. A customer is more likely to retain information after watching a product video as the sense of sight, sound and thought are heightened. Videos are also a great tool of story-telling and a good story creates an emotional connect which develops trust in a customer.

Customer loyalty can be increased in various ways. Here’s how video marketing:

1. Creates engagement using relevant and entertaining content

A good engaging video captures the viewer’s interest in the first five seconds and for that to happen, the content of the video must be relatable and rational. People are more likely to share videos on social media when they find them entertaining.

2. Brings ideas to life

Good content and proper execution leads to a successful video and that is where animated videos come in. With the use of animations, it is easier to visualize ideas and to bring a concept to life. This leads to a video that is helpful and fun to watch, making itself more attractive to a customer.

3. Helps you to express more

Whoever said less is more was undeniably right. An image can speak a thousand words, but a video does ten times more! The possibilities are indeed endless.

4. Provides Value to your brand

One can give useful tips, moral values, address environmental concerns, provide before and after results to their marketing videos. This adds more value to a brand as it offers self-help that actually helps.

5. Helps in Parallel Promotions

Videos can now be easily shared over various social media platforms, website, e-mail and other forums. With the right captions and hashtags, one can easily boost their video, making it reach target audience everywhere, establishing itself.

6. Allows Personalized Marketing

Video marketing is not just limited to TV and YouTube commercials. Videos created for various purposes also help in building customer trust. For example - welcome, Thank you, FAQs, tutorials, exclusive offers sent via e-mails post-purchase or provided on the website are of great help to the customer as they feel acknowledged.

7. Provides an Opportunity to Engage with Customers

Videos of new product releases, updates, sales and offers provide an opportunity for a brand to engage with their customers directly.

8. Builds Brand Transparency

One could have a website, brochures, and articles talking about their product, workers welfare or the brand’s success story and it would be known by a few. Using the same content creatively in a marketing video would showcase brand transparency building trust within the customers.

9. Creates a Positive Perception

Some marketing videos tells a story in such an abstract or complicated manner that it leaves the customer confused. A good marketing video delivers ideas with clarity which creates a positive perception on the customer.

10. Allows Constant Learning

A lot of effort goes into creating a good marketing video but the work is not just done there. Constant evaluation of statistics like social media shares, views, likes, engagements, conversions, upsells and cross sells will lead a brand to develop a better marketing strategy and to create even more engaging content, leading to customer satisfaction and retention.

Consistent learning, consistent efforts, consistent engagement can all lead to consistently loyal customers and it can all be achieved through videos!

Creative content, great story telling techniques and attractive animations are what we excel at. Get your marketing videos created at Dramantram. Check out our work for other clients here!

**Dramantram (Pronounced as Dra-Mann-Tram) is a video production, communication design, digital marketing, and a concept photography company that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to innovate, create and communicate. Our flexible approach works in tandem with creativity and innovation.

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